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99.99% Uptime

We have fully monitored servers and 24/7 Uptime that ensures reliability of your website anytime of the day.


You have the liberty to choose your platform, from CMS to Customized and fully designed website, We have the capacity.

Super Fast

Upto date servers with relible internet facilities that makes anyone access your website from anywhere in the world.

Data Recovery

You can backup you document for safe keeping, our vast storage facilities swallows large data like nothing happened!

No Better Price Plans.

Our only competition is us! No other hosting company have a better price and reliability all in one package.

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Services Offered

With our pool of knowledge and experience combined with skilled Engineers, you can be sure of satisfaction from all of our services which includes:

  • Web Hosting

    from a hobbyist to a blogger to a professional business website, we have what fits your plan and budget.

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  • Domain Names

    Buy domain name from us and be sure of fast propagation.

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  • File Exchange FTP

    Transfer important documents nd also get space for storage.

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  • Dedicated Server

    Dont like to share? No problem, yoyu can get a dedicated server for you business.

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  • Vps Server

    VPS is suspended on our service list for now, keep checking.

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  • SSL Certificates

    Get SSL certificate.

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About Us

browtech is a reliable and afforfable web hosting service provider, Our customers speakes for us.

browtech is gradually taking the lead in web hosting services deu to our reliability and testimonies from clients.

Fast, Robust and Affordable.


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